CPVRS: A CPV Reference System

Our CPVRS is a fully integrated CPV system, designed to be assembled at decentralised facilities and shipped to the field as a single unit, thus optimizing logistics and minimizing installation and commissioning costs and lead time. It includes triple junction high efficiency cells and concentration optics, allowing for DC 30% system efficiency on STC conditions.


Main characteristics

- CPVRS super-module assembly system, allowing for decentralized manufacturing.

- Receiver panels using CPVLIS laminated interconnection system.

- Pole mounted tracker using high accuracy actuators and stepper motors. Continuous tracking system. Using hybrid tracking strategy and MISPS module integrated sensor.

- Advanced ICPVS tracking technology: Horizontal internal fixed tube and maintenance free polymer bearings. Possibility of aerial electrical connection.

- Can be installed by driving pole into the ground. Very cheap process for large installations, as it is done using automated equipment. Low environmental impact as can be dismantled using the same machines. Very efficient and cheap to install in multi MW solar farms.

- For small installations concrete foundations can also be used.

- Can be easily installed on top of flat rooftops.

Local partners

As mentioned above, CPVRS production is based on a distributed manufacturing paradigm. In other words, system assembly is carried out in the country where it will be installed by a local partner. If you are interested in being our local partner in one of the countries with more than 1800 kWh/m2 per year shown in the image below, please do not hesitate to contact us. raditation