EGYMEC, Our New Egypcian Partner



We have just signed an agreement with EGYMEC as our CPVRS local partner for this high potential market.

Coming soon we will apply our exclusive production process, through which we will send product components as kits so that they can be assembled at our Egyptian partner facilities. Once assembled, EGYMEC will be in charge of shipping and installing CPVRS system on the field as well as commercialize it locally.

Vision and Mission of EGYMEC

Egymec is committed to creating smart technologies with a diversity of multinational professionals to provide high quality products, service and equipment with financial solutions to help their clients to own their power.

OWN your POWER slogan signifies its vision to empower their client with the highest qualifications and the best choices in order to revolutionize for clean energy to protect the climate change with no more power cuts.

We share EGYMEC point of view and vision, and that's one of the reasons we wanted to deal with them. We hope that by working together we can help the company to achieve their goals.

EGYMEC company

EGYMEC is an oil field services company. It’s an agent for Drillmec SPA (one of the three biggest land rigs manufacturer in the world) and Allied international group (energy and oil field equipment supplies manufacturer) in Egypt. The company is one of Subsidiaries Companies of El-Didi Group. Eng. Abd El Fattah El Didi PhD is the current Chairman and CEO of ELDIDI Group. Recently EGYMEC have established a new division of solar energy, as an Agent or representing of the most reputable and experienced solar energy providers in the global market.

EGYMEC being one of the leading solar technologies in the area that covers all solar application sectors with its value added partners, supported by highly qualified team and consultant offices (local & international).