Local Partners


Our goal is to spread our new business model in those countries with high solar radiation levels to make product more attractive.

We need local partners in each country to help us in the production process as CPVRS system is designed to be manufactured through decentralized value chain, final assembly taking place at local facilities, close to the final installation sites.  

Our current partners

-  Egypt: EGYMEC 

- Brazil: Genesis Energy

- Ghana: Europemart & Engineers



world map

Production Process

1. Valldoreix Greenpower sends system components to assembly plants located in the target market.

2. In the assembly plant take place installation and performance testing of CPVRS systems.

3. The product is shipped to the solar fields as a single unit and ready for use

 Local Parners Tasks

-  Commercialize the product locally

-  Assemble the CPVRS systems at its facilities

-  Install the CPVRS systems on the field. 

 CPVRS Installation

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