Revolutionary tracking technology

The MISPS is a solar position sensor which is
integrated into a concentrated photovoltaic
(thereafter CPV) module having refractive,
diffractive or hybrid primary imaging optics, or even
more generically, imaging optics in which the
primary lies between the sun and the CPV receiver.
In principle, it is more appropriate for CPV
systems having a secondary optical element
(thereafter SOE) on top of the CPV cell.
This sensor’s main purpose is to be used as a fine
tuning device for a hybrid continuous tracking
system, which will normally work on an open loop
speed setting algorithm following astronomical
calculations, which will eventually be corrected
using the value of the sensor signals when lack of
alignment is detected.
Therefore, one of the characteristics of the
MISPS concept is that it is only influencing the
tracking algorithm whenever a certain degree of
misalignment is detected. Its function can be
described as negative signal generation, changing
the tracking speed in opposite sense to the detected
This sensor concept can also be used for hybrid
intermittent tracking systems, where MISPS signal
reaching a minimum threshold would trigger the
transition from normal open-loop astronomical
based operation into closed-loop sensor based