MISPS: Module Integrated Solar Position Sensor for Concentration Photovoltaics

This paper describes a new device, the MISPS (Module Integrated. Solar Position Sensor) for CPV systems. Its main innovation lies in it being module integrated, so that the sensor is a constituent part of the module and uses its optics. The MISPS has been designed within the scope of the CPVRS project, but it can be used in any refractive optics CPV system

MISPS paper

Compact Spectral And Circumsolar Sensor For CPV Installation Performance Monitoring

A very compact direct sunlight sensor is presented which uses 3 component solar cells in a fully molded package. The 3 Channel Isotype Sensor (3CS) is less than 10 cm long and less than 2 cm thick. A fused silica light guide is used for the optical path such that air filled cavities can be avoided completely. The sensor features an exchangeable front aperture which allows the adaptation of the opening angle of one or more channels to the acceptance angle of a CPV System. The sensor is described in detail and outdoor results are presented

MISPS paper

CPVLIS Laminated Interconnection System for CPV Receiver Panels, Development and Tests

Within the development of a new CPV system (CPVRS), a novel approach for receiver interconnection and encapsulation has been developed. This paper explains the different material combinations which have been tested and the intermediate and final results.

MISPS paper

MISPS Solar Position Sensor Development and Field Tests

A solar position sensor integrated within the CPV modules enclosure has been developed and manufactured using several different techniques and substrates. The sensor is made from standard mono-cSi cells which have been laser cut in eight pieces divided in two sectors, providing very large acceptance and high accuracy to an hybrid tracking system, simplifying CPV systems commissioning activities.

MISPS paper



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